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[Video] 8 tips, step-by-step to meeting and managing your expectations when it comes to putting your property on the market

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Number 1 – Find a great real estate agent. 

Look there's just too much legislation these days. It's probably one of the biggest negotiations that will ever go on in your lifetime.

So bring in an expert.


Number 2 – Street appeal

 Buyers will judge a book by its cover, so if there's an opportunity to put in a few flowers, a few bright shrubs, tidy things up a little bit outside, that will go a long way.


Number 3 – Any little repainting jobs that you could do.

From the outside after the gardens, the next thing the buyers will see first is your front door. If it's looking a bit tired a quickpaint of the front door & any other little touch-ups around the outside.

Then moving into the house it's very rare that buyers will hate neutral colours.

However sometimes really bright colours particularly on feature walls might put a few buyers off. So think about some neutral colours.


Number 4 – A few touch-ups

You could just have lived in the house being a beautiful family home of yours for a while, so there's just a few scuff marks particularly the skirting boards and the bottom of the doors, some of the walls might just need a quick clean up.


Number 5 – De-clutter and De-personalise the house "less is more".

This will allow buyers to emotionally connect your property by imagining themselves their family and their belongings in the home.


Number 6 – Fittings & Fixtures

Fix up any loose light fittings, and especially loose handles, door handles. Buyers will be moving in and out of rooms as they go through your open home so it'll just remove that question. If there's a loose door handle.

The first thing they'll think is what else is wrong with a home?


Number 7 – Clean, clean, clean


Let's make the home shine. sparkling and smelling great. 

Number 8 – Staging as an investment

Lastly if you think it's a great idea, it's not as expensive as what you think maybe bringing a stylist or someone to help stage the property.  Staging the property can be a partial stage just adding some key pieces into your home, particularly if there's rooms that you don'tuse a lot, or if the homes empty a full stage.  It'll just help present the home beautifully.

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March 12, 2017

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