How Do I Get The Best Price For My Property?

Working with a local real estate professional and leveraging their expertise can greatly increase your chances of getting the best price for your property.

You will be on a winning strategy if you then set the right asking price, enhance the property’s appeal to buyers, have an effective marketing strategy, use professional photography, be flexible with buyer offers, and then negotiate wisely.

Work with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Number 1 – Find a great real estate agent

There is just too much legislation these days to try selling a home or investment property on your own. Selling a property is one of the biggest negotiations that most people will ever do in their lifetime

So bring in an expert and choose an experienced real estate agent with a track record for successfully selling properties in your area. A knowledgeable agent like True Power Realty will understand the local market dynamics. They can provide you with valuable insights, negotiate on your behalf, and market your property to a wide pool of buyers.

Set the Right Asking Price

Your agent will provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) that shows the current value of properties similar to yours in your local area.

The CMA will show you what the market is prepared to pay. It will also help you to avoid overpricing which can deter buyers. Pricing your property competitively will attract more interest and can result in multiple offers.

Enhance the Property’s Appeal

Buyers will judge a book by its cover so enhance your property’s curb appeal by maintaining the exterior, landscaping the yard, and creating an inviting entrance. This could be as simple as planting some flowers, adding a few bright shrubs, and doing a tidy things up a little bit outside.

Painting Touch Ups Help Your Property Shine

The next thing the buyers will see after your garden is your front door. If it’s looking a bit tired a quick paint and other little touch-ups can help lift buyer offers.

Bright paint colours on feature walls can also turn buyers off. So think about some neutral colours when you are repainting the property ready for sale. The beauty of moving into a house with neutral colours is that it will appeal to the most buyers.

Property Repairs and Maintenance

Improving the overall condition and appearance of the property will make it more appealing to buyers and allow them to focus on the features.

If you are selling a rental property, or a family home that you have lived in for a while, there will likely be scuff marks, chips in woodwork or the walls that will need cleaning up. In the wet areas, dripping taps, mouldy grout and sealant, cracked tiles and glass can all build up in a buyers mind as a lot of work to fix. This can lead to buyers lowering their offer.

In many cases bumps and scratches can be quick and inexpensive fixes. Removing these issues gives the buyer a greater reason to make their best offer. If you are not sure where to start your selling agent can advise on the repairs needed showcase your property’s best features.

Declutter Your Home to Sell

Removing clutter and personal items before selling is one of the best ways to increase the sales price.

By removing any excess furniture, books, toys, or pictures from the walls potential buyers will be able to build a better picture in their mind of themselves living in the property or of how to maximise rental returns should they be investment buyers.

Fix up any loose light fittings

Fixing loose light fittings, door and cupboard handles is a must. Buyers will be moving in and out of rooms as they go through your open home. You don’t want them wondering if a loose door handle means there are other things wrong with the home.

Clean Properties Sell For a Higher Price

Let’s make your property shine by giving it a thorough clean. A sparkling property that smells great will attract more buyer offers.

Take The Pets Out With You During Open Homes

We all love our pets but we can’t know how our buyers will feel about a cat scampering across the room a barking dog wanting a ball to be thrown. Take the opportunity of an open or private inspection to take your “whole” family to the park.

And don’t forget to clean up your pet waste in the yard and kitty litter inside the home. It’s never a good look, especially if potential buyers are walking around your property.

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Create an Oasis for Your Open Homes

If it’s hot or cold then put the air conditioning or heating on so that buyers feel comfortable and stay longer. Also, turn on the lights and a lamp or two to warm up the property and to make it look welcoming.

Your buyers will notice all of your efforts to show them why they should be making their best offer immediately

By giving your home a quick detail you too will maximise the offers from interested buyers.

Staging Furniture Increases Property Sales

A property with staging furniture will attract more buyers to your open home and allow them to feel an emotional; connection with your property. Even a partial stage with some key pieces of furniture can help lift a room and demonstrate how it can be used.

A bunch of flowers and scented candles inside the home, some cushions on the made bed and lounge suite, neutral linen, and dry and clean towels in the bathrooms. These are just a few ways you stage your home for sale without adding high cost or time.

Use Professional Photography and Virtual Tours

Real estate photographs and property floor plans are effective tools for real estate sales campaigns because they create greater interest in your property. If a buyer likes what they see in a website property listing, they are more likely to attend the open home and to make an offer.

Professional real estate photographers capture high quality images of your property that cannot be captured with point and click mobile phone cameras. Professional images are lit and framed to sell your property’s best features.

Virtual tours or 3D walkthroughs also give potential buyers a realistic view of the property, even if they can’t physically visit it.

Effective Property Marketing Strategy

A good local real estate agent will develop a marketing strategy to promote your property to a wide range of buyers.

This strategy should include advertising on popular real estate websites such as and and using social media to reach a wider audience.

Traditional marketing methods include a signboard, printed brochures or flyers with appealing visuals to hand out at the open homes, and local newspaper advertising. These tools can help reach buyers who live in your suburb, walk by the property, or prefer offline channels.

When Selling Your Property it Pays to be Flexible

Scheduling open homes and accommodating buyer requests is important to widen the number of offers for your property. A good agent will also respond promptly to inquiries and provide accurate information about the property.

Flexibility and responsiveness can help create a positive impression and increase the chances of securing a favourable offer.

Negotiate Wisely When Selling Your Home

When receiving offers from potential buyers, carefully evaluate each one and consider their terms beyond just the sale price.

Your real estate agent will negotiate effectively on your behalf and maximise the final sale price. Be open to reasonable buyer requests and consider the overall value of the offer, including contingencies, financing, and timing for the property settlement.


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