Moving House with Young Children Without the Stress

Moving home can be an exciting time. There is an opportunity to move to a better home that suits your growing family. However, moving with young children can have its ups and downs.

With proper planning, communication, and a positive attitude, you can help minimise stress and create a smooth moving experience for the whole family.

Plan Ahead for Your Moving Day

To avoid last-minute stress start planning and organising well in advance of your move. A moving checklist with tasks and deadlines will help you stay organised. Also consider the logistics of the move, such as hiring professional removalists or renting a moving truck.

Prepare Your Kids for the Move

This is important. At least one month prior to the big move, get your kids ready by talking to them about the move. Talk to them about the positives such as it’s near a playground that they know or talk to them about their new room, new backyard, or a pool if you have one.

However, it’s just as important to talk about what will stay the same, including their bed, toys, and special things in their current room will all remain the same.

Take Your Kids to The Property Before the Big Move

Help your kids become familiar with the location. You could show them their new room and get them excited about it. Kids don’t like to be surprised so it’s important they know what to expect

Write a Simple Children’s Book About Moving

This is especially beneficial if your children love reading. When Ella was two years old and transitioning into a big girl bed, I wrote simple books about sleep and toilet training. It’s amazing how something so simple and handwritten helped her adapt to any change, big or small.

If time is of the essence, you can buy books online or at the bookstores.

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Involve Your Children in the Moving Process

Help your children feel included by involving them in the moving process. This can include packing their belongings or assisting in labelling boxes.

Children Decorate Their New Rooms

You can also create a sense of excitement with your children personalising their new bedrooms. Make it fun with some wall stickers so they can decorate their own walls. Kids love to be included and it will feel more like their own space.

Stick to Daily Routines

Daily routines help children feel stability and familiarity. Where possible stick to regular meal times, bedtimes, and activities during the moving process.

Pack a First Day Moving Box

Pack a box with essential items that your children will need on the first day in the new home. Include items such as their favourite books, toys, and snacks, plus a change of clothes and toiletries.

Keep this box easily accessible so you can quickly access these items upon arrival.

Arrange Childcare When Moving Home

If possible, arrange for childcare on moving day to minimise disruptions and distractions. Ask a family member, friend, or babysitter to look after your children so that you can focus on the move.

Safety First on Moving Day

Ensure the safety of your children during the move by childproofing both the old and new home. Keep cleaning supplies, sharp objects, and hazardous materials out of their reach. Also, secure any loose cords or furniture that may pose a risk.

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Set Up Your Children’s Bedrooms First

Prioritise setting up and organising your children’s rooms before tackling other areas of the house. Having their familiar belongings in place will help them feel more comfortable and settled.

Be Patient and Flexible on Moving Day

Moving can be emotionally challenging for children as they adjust to their new home. , and they may experience some emotions. Be patient and provide extra comfort and reassurance during the transition period.

Explore the New Neighbourhood

Once you’ve moved, take the time to explore your new neighbourhood with your children. Visit nearby parks, playgrounds, or other child-friendly places to help them acclimate to the new surroundings.

Moving with young children is never a smooth process. However, I do hope these tips will help your family.


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