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Do I need a Property Manager?

[Video] It's all about choosing the right Property Manager who will work for you and on your inventment.

7 Tips to make moving easier

Incorporate these 7 easy tips into your next move and take the pressure off. Happy moving!! 
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7 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale

Top to bottom, left to right. This checklist will help you master attention to detail.
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How much is my home worth?

[Video] Here are 3 steps you can do at your own pace to figure out how much your home is worth.
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Why Can Property Valuations be Different?

[Video] Chasing a high number on your property valuation? You could make the difference.
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5 Tips to finding the Best Property Manager

Putting your investment into the hands of a Property Manager is a wise move, when you take the time to find the best.
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How to appeal to every buyer when selling your home

[Video] 65% of Australian households have a pet. Here are 4 tips to make sure your home captures the hearts of 100% of buyers.
DIY Home Improvement

Renovate Your Home for under $100,000

It's in the finer details - do it right the first time. It's the little things that add up.

Open Inspections - Winning the race

Back to back opens on your Saturday morning can feel like your right in the rat race? Use this guide to make the most of your time.
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Preparing Your Home for Summer

[Video] 5 quick tips to get your home summer ready.
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Is Property Management Worth It?

[Video] Your investment property should set you up for the future.......In the right hands. This video discusses the role of property management being much more then just rent collection when you find a property management team that works for you.
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How do I get the best price for my property?

[Video] 8 tips, step-by-step to meeting and managing your expectations when it comes to putting your property on the market

Ultimate first home buyers checklist

Buying Your First Home? Let's not miss anything. Here's a complete breakdown of what you need to know.
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3 Ways To Get More Rent

Want your tenants paying more rent? This article can get you started.
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Stop Paying Double!!!!!

Are you paying a letting fee for your investment property and then management fees for that same period?
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Moving with Young Children without the stress

[Video] 4 Tips for anyone who wants to take the stress out of moving, especially when young children are involved.
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Which Real Estate Agency should I choose?

[Video] Should you try a new brand, an underdog? Will you get the same results, or will your experience be so much better?
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List with us and we'll cover your moving costs.

Listing with us qualifies you for a $2000 credit applied to your account to help cover your moving costs.
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Selling your Investment Property? - Here's how to do it well

Want to sell your tenated property but think it will be a nightmare? It doesn't have to be. Follow these tips to see how.