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Jodi Scott
February 27, 2019

4 Tips for anyone who wants to take the stress out of moving,

- especially when young children are involved.

You know, moving home can be an exciting time, however, moving especially with young children can sometimes be very stressful and daunting.

Here are four tips to help dial down the stress for you and your kids when you are having a big move.

Number one, prepare your kids.

This is important. At least one month prior to the big move, get your kids ready by talking to them about the move. Talk to them about the positives such as it's near a playground that they know or talk to them about their new room or new backyard, pool, if you have one. However, it's just as important to talk about what will stay the same, which is their bed, toys, special things in their current room will all remain the same.

Number two, if possible, take your kids to the property before the big move.

Get them familiar with the location and show then their new room, how exciting it is, get excited about it. Kids don't tend to like to be surprised and it's important they know what to expect or at least a little bit and as you know, they take in much more than you realise.

Number three, if you can, write a really simple children's book about moving into the new home with pictures, etc.

This is especially beneficial if your children love reading. I have written books in the past, very simple ones, about sleep, toilet training, when Ella was two years old and transitioning into a big girl bed. And it's amazing how something so simple and hand-written that I did myself has helped her so much adapt to any change, be it little or big. Alternatively, obviously, time's of the essence, so there are plenty of books that you can buy online or at the bookstores.

Number four, include your child to help design and decorate their room.

Make it fun, make it exciting, include them in the moving process. Buy some wall stickers for them and allow them to decorate their own wall. Kids love to be included and it will feel so much like, just more like their own space. So, for anyone moving with young children, best of luck. It's never a smooth process, however, I do hope these tips have helped at least some of you.

I'm Jodi Scott

Thank you for watching and good luck with the move.