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7 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale

Top to bottom, left to right. This checklist will help you master attention to detail.

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Buyers will be looking at multiple properties for that one that suits them perfectly.

- Make yours stand out from the crowd.
  1. LESS CAN BE MORE. By removing any excess furniture, books, toys or pictures from the walls potential buyers will be able to build a better picture in there mind of themselves living in the property or of how to maximise rental returns should they be investment buyers.
  2. PRESENT A CLEAN SLATE. If possible present the property with neutral colours. The buyers might like bright bold colour schemes too and will be able to picture their perfect look more easily from a neutral beginning. Remove a few family photos an ornaments too. Its great to show how happy you have been in the property and show off your wonderful family but to much of a good thing will distract the buyers from envisioning themselves living in the property.
  3. FIX THE BUMPS AND SCRATCHES. Dripping taps, chips in woodwork or the walls, mouldy grout and sealant, cracked tiles and glass can all build up in a buyers mind as a lot of work and cost therefore potentially lowering their offer. In fact in many cases these can be quick and inexpensive fixes removing one less reason to receive anything but a buyers best offer.
  4. TIME FOR A SPRING CLEAN. Buyers will sweep the house with a keen eye so let them be dazed by sparkling clean surfaces inside and out. Oh and don't forget the lawn and gardens.
  5. STYLE & ACCESSORISE. A bunch of flowers/scented candles, some cushions on the made bed and lounge suite, neutral linen, dry and clean towels in the bathrooms, are just a few ideas to stage your home for sale without adding high cost or time.
  6. TAKE THE PETS OUT WITH YOU. We all love our pets but we cant know how our buyers will feel about a cat scampering across the room all of a sudden or a dog running up wanting a ball to be thrown. Take the opportunity of an open or private inspection to take your "whole" family to the park. Oh, and don't forget to clean up your pets "waste" in the yard, never a good look, especially if potential buyers are walking around your property :)
  7. CREATE AN OASIS. If its hot or cold out there and you have it then put the air conditioning on and you will make all who come through on the inspection happy to be there. If its dim outside then turn on the lights, a lamp or too and your buyers will notice all of your effort to show them why they should be making their best offer immediately

By giving your home a quick detail you too will maximise the offers from interested buyers.

Make life easy for yourself, it does not have to be stressful, walk around your home and write a checklist and start going through it over the weekend or when you have some spare time. You will be thankful you did make the effort as you will reap the reward.

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Property Tips

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March 12, 2017

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