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Andrew Scott
February 17, 2019

Or could I get great results with a new brand, should I choose an underdog?

Well take a look at the banking industry. Do you see the BIG FOUR offering the best interest rates and being renowned for outstanding service or are you hearing more about smaller, newer banks picking up the awards for lower rates and great customer service?

What about phone and internet providers. We are now in a position when often the big brands only jump to attention when after several complaints you threaten to leave, where the smaller companies offer equal or greater product options made for you and then continue to look for ways to improve & innovate and keep your business.

Everyone knows the big brand agencies, so why choose the new kids on the block? Why choose the underdog?


The big guy has grown to the point where he has enough business to sustain him, he feels comfortable and no longer feels the need to make his clients feel valued, tending to only jump to attention when he feels he might lose your business.

Successful underdogs make their clients feel special. They are hungry for success, they love what they do, and with that comes a passion to exceed the expectations of clients and customers alike. So don’t get treated like a number. True Power Realty can get the job done just as well as the big guy.


Bigger companies have too many moving parts & are too set in their ways.

Successful underdogs are agile and are not afraid of change.

The True Power teams ability to be flexible let’s our customers know they are our top priority.


For us it’s not just a job and this reflects in how we operate day in day out. Our business is young and some might say small however we take our role in providing real estate services extremely seriously. We love what we do.


Whether it be the fact we are equipped with state of the art software or the fact we provide top of the line marketing packages, our clients feel confident in achieving market leading results.

We believe it’s not only important but critical to our ongoing success to offer the best products and services to our clients.

When your ready to sell or rent out your property (or maybe your just not 100% satisfied) why not engage a successful underdog?

Thank you from Andrew & Jodi Scott

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