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List with us and we'll cover your moving costs.

Listing with us qualifies you for a $2000 credit applied to your account to help cover your moving costs.

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  • List and Sell your home exclusively (as exclusive agency) with True Power Realty by entering into an agreement through a Property Occupations Form 6 (under the Property Occupations Act 2014).
  • True Power Realty must be recipients of the commisssion associated with the sale of the property and commission charged on the sales will not be more then 2.5% of the sales price including GST.
  • Maximum listing/sale duration is 90 days and termination of the listing can be made by either the seller or True Power Realty as per the conditions of the Property Occupations Form 6 (Property Occupations Act 2014).
  • Receipt of a brochure or any notification of this promotion does not bind True Power Realty to entering into an agreement to list/sell a property.

Moving costs that are eligible for cover include:

  • Moving services: including removalist, trailer or van hire 
  • Utilities: costs involved to transfer utilities 
  • Pet care: Should your furry family need accommodation whilst you move 
  • Transportation: If you or your pets are relocating long distance, interstate or overseas and incur expenses including fuel, car hire or airfares.

Copies of paid invoices from your suppliers identifying a client and property that matches the PO Form 6 entered into with True Power Realty will need to be supplied which will be followed by payment of up to a maximum of $2,000 (two thousand Australian dollars).Payment will be processed within 2 business days of the claim being verified and will be paid via EFT or cheque to our client. Payment would then be received into the recipients account as per the financial institutions timeframes for either EFT or cheque processing. Payment is not available as cash nor paid direct to any other person or supplier. Payment can only be made to our client as detailed on the PO Form 6.

Feel free to get in contact with us if you require further clarification.

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April 17, 2018

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