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Jodi Scott
February 27, 2019


Must read if you have an investment property.

Are you paying a letting fee for your investment property and then management fees for that same period?

A letting fee is charged when your property is leased and depending on your agreement this would typically be 1-2 weeks rent. This fee covers everything from lease preparation, open inspections, processing applications to rent and much more. There is a lot that goes on and the good/great property managers well and truely earn their fee (just like us :-)).  BUT are you also paying the management fee for those 1-2 weeks rent?

We realised that we were collecting a letting fee and then also charging the management fee on that money collected and honestly felt immediately uncomfortable with that process.  Immediate change had to happen.

TRUE POWER REALTY is refunding management fees for all of our clients for any weeks rent where a letting fee was charged.  Ongoing no management fees will be charged where a letting fee has been charged.

WHY? Well sometimes you just need to do things because its the right thing to do. Shock Horror a real estate agent who's on your side. Yep, thats us.