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Preparing Your Home for Summer

[Video] 5 quick tips to get your home summer ready.

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Five maintenance tips to prepare your home for the summer months.

As much as we love Summer, at times the heat and storms can throw some challenges our way. Here are 5 quick tips to help your home be ready and help you enjoy a wonderful summer.

Number 1. Air conditioners and fans.

Clean the filters so your air con runs efficiently, and set your air con to 24 degrees to help save the power.

Number 2. Guttering.

Clean out any leaves, and make sure your down pipes are clear so they don't overflow in a storm, which can definitely and most likely cause damage to the ceilings and eaves.

Number 3. Bug proof your home.

Make sure your screens are in tip top shape, and door seals in good condition. You might need to call in a pest controller, and there are some great natural alternatives, too. We tend to use a company called Natural Spray Pest Control, and we use them every 12 months, and we've been very happy. So that's something to consider. Otherwise, there's plenty more out there, and I would keep a personal repellent handy just to keep those mozzies at bay.

Number 4. Cut back and tidy gardens.

I'm sure this is one that's very common. This will prevent insects such as spiders from developing, and prevent hazards in storms. This will also help your garden flourish through this time of year when often there is lots of growth. Also, don't forget to fertilize your lawns and gardens. It's definitely worth doing as well.

Number 5. Prepare a emergency storm kit.

Now in most cases you may not need it, but it's just for reassurance purposes. It's best just to put something simple together, like a flashlight, you know little items, first aid items, some batteries, a radio, some water bottles. Also another idea is make sure some emergency contact phone numbers are in your phone, just in case.

Further emergency kit tips can be found at:

So I hope you found these tips useful. Thank you and have a wonderful summer.

Jodi from True Power Realty.

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March 12, 2017

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