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Back to back opens on your Saturday morning can feel like your right in the rat race? Use this guide to make the most of your time.

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Looking for a new home or investment property can be a busy time and often you will be bouncing from one open to the next. 

So to make sure you tick all of your boxes at each property make a check list.List what your “must haves” are and also your “nice to haves” and check them off at each open. 

Later you can recap which homes you loved and which matched your list the best and find the one that’s for you.


Put your plan together. Make a schedule of all the opens you want to see. 

Often there are times that clash with your open time schedule, if this occurs do not hesitate to call the agent as you will find they will be happy to stay back a few minutes or circle back later to show you through the property. 


Speak to the Agent. They have all of the information you need including how negotiable the vendor is and how quickly they want to sell.If the Agent has prepared well they can also answer a lot of other valuable questions such as the age of the property and any renovations that have been doneTake a heap of notes. 

I have been to opens when no brochures have been available or the brochures really don’t contain all of the information I need so capture your own notes so you can refer to later on.Also include improvements you might need to get quote estimates on to make the property right for you. This will go along way to putting in the right offer.


If you can, take a drive around the area, stop in at a local cafe, check out the parks, schools and shopping centres. Whilst your in the area get a true feel for the place.

Time to review. If there is one that ticks all of your boxes act quickly particularly in an area where properties are sold quickly. Don’t risk missing out on one really like. Even though you know the agents will call you for feedback, if there is one you must have don’t hold back and pick up the phone to get your offer in first. 

Finally review your “must haves”, “nice to haves” and make any adjustments to your checklist.

Opens are a great opportunity to buy your next home, narrow down on exactly what you are looking for and check out how much competition is out there (other buyers). Even if you are not quite ready to buy, going to a couple of opens each week or two is an excellent idea to gain knowledge on what is available for the price. 

Not surprisingly, Andrew and I really love going to opens and we hope you have some fun whilst out and about too.


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Jodi Scott


April 3, 2017

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