How much is my home worth?

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Andrew Scott
February 17, 2019

Number 1 – Search the web.

 There are a bunch of free websites out there that will giveyou a rough indication on where your property sits in today's market.


Number 2 – Bring in a licensed valuer

That will cost you a little bit of money. It's not super expensive. They'll give you a written report with a very accurate price on where they see your house sitting into the market.

That's the process the banks go through when they're doing those mortgages up.


Number 3 – Find a great real estate agent.


The best real estate agents out there will be happy to popover to your house, have a quick walk through and they'll share with you what's happening in the market right now and where your property fits from a pricing perspective?

 Then when the day comes that you're ready to sell, give them a call.


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I'm Andrew from True Power Realty.