7 Tips to make moving easier

Incorporate these 7 easy tips into your next move and take the pressure off. Happy moving!! 

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Moving can be a stressful time. But does it have to be? We think not, or at least some of that stress can be avoided.

1. SAVE SOME MONEY: There is nothing quite like saving some of your hard earned to make life a little easier. Jump on line and there is a good chance you will find good quality used boxes quite cheap. Gumtree, Ebay, Facebook Market. There are plenty of places to shop around. Your moving company might offer a package deal to include packing essentials.

2. DECLUTTER: Before you start packing declutter your home first. Have a big garage sale, post ads online or simply donate them. Many non-for profit organisations will collect re-usable items from you free of charge. Be it furniture, decor items or clothing if it does not have a use in your next home then don't pack it.

Guess what, now when you are going to unpack the job will be just that little bit easier.

3. LABEL, LABEL, & LABEL: When you pack your boxes, don’t forget to label the boxes clearly using a black sharpie, or similar so that it is very easy to read. Label multiple sides of the box also. Boxes tend to get double staked into the corners of rooms making only one side visible.

Your labels should include:

  • The room that box is for
  • Various item names in the box. Don’t be reluctant to mark specific items. (For example: Kitchen/bowls & plates/Fragile & Main bedroom/candles/lights/picture frames & Kitchen/pantry items/coffee/sugar/tea - this will only make unpacking easier as you will be able to locate the items you need without having to go through box after box.
  • Marked ‘fragile’ if necessary. Nothing worse then those precious items being damaged.

This will make the unpacking quick and easy by quickly locating what you need.

4. MAKE IT EASY: Are there items that can be packed well ahead of time such as excess children toys, tupperware, and clothing? Using your spare suitcases/boxes for folded clothes is a good tip and I also find the wardrobe boxes a saving grace when packing clothes on hangers, they enable you to hang your clothes and avoid any unnecessary ironing when you unpack.

5. MAKE UP AN OVERNIGHT BAG: Sadly its not for a quick getaway but having a change of clothes, toiletries (oh and toilet paper if the new house is not set up), phone charges and those overnight essentials handy could be a real game changer for your move.  Its a big enough day already without having to find your toothbrush and PJ's before you go to bed.  

Add to this bag your legal paperwork, banking/real estate documents and other personal docs that may be needed during and after the move.

6. KEEP THE KIDS HAPPY: You have the overnight bag and that toilet paper for those kiddy emergencies and make sure you include there favourite books and toys. This will also help kids settle & keep them occupied at the new house.

7. FIND A GOOD MOVER: Hopefully you had a great real estate agent that got you an amazing price for your home with impeccable service levels. Now you need an equally great moving company to get you a great moving rate and have all of your belongings delivered unscarred.

Incorporate these 7 easy tips into your next move and take the pressure off.

Happy moving!!

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Jodi Scott


April 3, 2017

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